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Standard Conservatory Roof Panels by CosyPanels®

Conservatory Roof Panels

Transform your living space with Cosy Panels

Looking to enhance the look and comfort of your conservatory? 

Whether you dream of a sunny haven for morning coffee or a snug spot for winding down after a long day, the right roofing sets the tone. 

That’s where Cosy Panels comes in. 

Warmer in Winter, Cooler In Summer

Installed within 24 hours

10 Year Guarantee Insurance Backed

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Upgrade your conservatory with CosyPanels Conservatory Roof Panels

CosyPanels® is our exclusive insulation system that has been transforming homes all over the UK since 2015. Designed and engineered in Germany specifically for conservatories. Every panel is packed with a thick layer of high-density foam insulation, which stops heat from escaping or entering the existing roof. CosyPanels upgrades your conservatory by allowing you to control temperature, unwanted glare, noise and much more.

Awards and Accreditations from Build Home and Garden Awards for CosyPanels Conservatory Roof Insulation Panels
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Why are Cosy Panels the superior roofing option?

Benefits of Conservatory Roof Panels

High-quality materials​

If you're after exceptional materials that promise lasting performance, consider thermal roof panels.

CosyPanels offers replacement roofs crafted to the highest standards of quality and durability.

Efficient energy usage

Thermal panels excel in enhancing insulation, leading to reduced energy costs and ensuring year-round comfort.

Customised Roofing

If you're looking for bespoke colour schemes or added acoustic protection for noisy environments, the CosyPanels + range might be the solution.

Explore the unique options in the CosyPanels+, offering various colours and specifications to suit your conservatory's requirements.

Made to Order

If you have a unique conservatory layout that demands tailored fittings, roof panels offer adaptability and effectiveness.

Trust fully certified installers like CosyPanels® for a bespoke installation service, ensuring a seamless fit.

Noise Reduction

In noisy surroundings, replacement roof panels provide superior soundproofing for a quieter, more peaceful space.

Cosy & comfortable retreat

In chillier or exposed environments, thermal panels like those from CosyPanels provide additional layers of insulation for enhanced warmth and comfort.

Discover how CosyPanels can revolutionise your conservatory roof, offering superior insulation and lasting durability.


We didn’t want to sit in our conservatory, it wasn’t comfortable it was dirty, and the perspex wasn’t cutting it. We couldn’t be happier with CosyPanels

After struggling with fitting blinds, this couple switched to CosyPanels® and felt an immediate difference.

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How it works

Installing CosyPanels conservatory roof panels is simple, see the steps below

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Survey Booked

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Panels Manufactured

Conservatory Trasnformation

Suitable for every type of conservatory

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Victorian Conservatory Diagram


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Download Our Brochure

Download the CosyPanels brochure for more information around our conservatory roof panels and discover why they might just be the best solution on the market.

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Why CosyPanels ?

Tailored to Your Needs

For projects with unique measurements, Cosy Panels+ offers made-to-measure precision installation services. Our on-site fabrication ensures a perfect fit every time.

Serene and Peaceful

If your property faces noisy surroundings, Cosy Panels+ can be the perfect solution. These panels feature an internal gel layer that enhances soundproofing and stability.

Warm and Inviting

Maintaining the same high-quality insulation as our standard panels, the Cosy Panels+ range provides additional thermal layers, ideal for colder properties or those exposed to harsh weather conditions.

All our panels come with a high-gloss reflective internal surface, promoting active light transfer and added stability in the design.

Compare CosyPanels Conservatory Roof Panels with other solutions

Below are the common types of conservatory roofing options available. See how they stack up against CosyPanels.

Tiled Conservatory Roof Tiles

CosyPanels VS Tiled Roof

Polycarbonate sheets

CosyPanels VS Polycarbonate

Conservatory Blinds

CosyPanels VS Blinds

What our customers say

Ready to Upgrade Your Conservatory?

For more details on how Cosy Panels+ can transform your conservatory into a comfortable, stylish space, get in touch with us. Our experts are here to help you make the right choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions regarding CosyPanels, see the answers to the right, contact us or call us direct on 0800 756 6882.

Our CosyPanels® have many advantages over blinds. Since they are permanent, there is no pulling up or down throughout the day. They are zero maintenance and will not collect mildew, mould as blinds or insects, as blinds can. Owing to their advanced construction, our panels have better thermal and acoustic properties than blinds.

Except in a few cases, the installation will use your existing framework. CosyPanels® are quick to install and in most cases, installations will be completed in a single day. If you would like confirmation, book in a free technical assessment and we can make sure of the details for you.

Yes, our panels are specifically designed to resolve the majority of temperature related conservatory issues. The best way to make sure is to get a free site assessment, where we can discuss the exact issues you are having and make sure you get the best solution for you.

CosyPanels® are designed to be bright and reflective, enhancing the conservatories active light. The proportionate glazing in the conservatory remains very high, ensuring that you maximise all of the available natural light. We can design hybrid roofs, keeping glass or polycarbonate sections of the roof to allow you to view the sky should you desire.

We supply CosyPanels® direct from Germany. When compared to alternative Insulated roofing systems, We are confident that our direct prices will leave you feeling happy with your choice. See what our Video Testimonials have to say.

We have videos and FAQ documents showing you how you can correctly specify what you need for your own situation. However, we would be delighted to offer you a free technical assessment, where we can confirm the details quickly and precisely.

When comparing with polycarbonate roof panels, CosyPanels® offers excellent acoustic deadening. CosyPanels® will help reduce sound issues. Please do get in touch to arrange a technical assessment, where we will be able to make sure that you get a solution that resolves sound problems you maybe experiencing.