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Giving a Neglected Conservatory a New Life with CosyPanels for Mrs Freeman

The conservatory is now much cleaner and more welcoming.
The new roof keeps the room bright without blocking sunlight.
It's much quieter inside, even when it rains or birds are nearby.


When the homeowner moved in, the conservatory was left for last to fix. It was not a nice place to be – the roof was dirty with dead bugs in it, and the blinds were stained and ugly. It was so unappealing that sitting there was the last thing anyone wanted to do.

The Decision

Wanting to make a change, the homeowner saw some ads from different companies and decided to get a new roof for the conservatory. CosyPanels caught their attention after a consultant visited, showed them what the new roof would look like, and offered a fair price.

The Change

Choosing CosyPanels made a big difference. The new roof cleaned up the look of the conservatory completely, making it bright and fresh. The homeowner was worried that the new roof might make the living room darker, but the white panels on the inside made sure the light still shone through. Plus, it became much quieter inside – the sounds of rain and birds were there, but softly.


The conservatory’s transformation was more than just about looks; it became a nicer place to be. Light still filled the room without any compromise, and the peaceful quiet made it a perfect spot to relax. This project showed how the right choice, like picking CosyPanels, could turn a neglected space into a loved part of the home.

Since installing the new roof from CosyPanels, our conservatory has been completely transformed. It’s now so clean and bright, truly a space we love spending time in. We were initially concerned that the new roof might darken our living room, but the white interior panels keep everything wonderfully light. Plus, the reduction in noise from rain and birds has been remarkable, making our conservatory a peaceful haven. We couldn’t be happier with the result!
Mrs Freeman