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CosyPanels® Conservatory & Home Improvements Blog

Tiled Conservatory Roof Tiles
A tiled conservatory roof is often seen as the best long term solution for a new or upgraded conservatory, but there are some drawbacks and significant costs associated with this classic English look.
Clear glass conservatory roof
Are you investing in a new conservatory or updating your glass conservatory roof? If so, this blog covers everything you need to know.
Polycarbonate conservatory roof
If you're considering a polycarbonate conservatory roof, here's everything you need to know and some of the best alternatives on the market.
Conservatory lighting ideas - hanging lights
Brighten up your conservatory with these 7 conservatory lighting ideas
do you need planning permission for a conservatory UK?
Sometimes it can be tricky to know whether you need planning permission for a conservatory. We'll look at all the details in this blog.
Conservatory on a rainy day
If you're thinking about adding a conservatory to your home or you want to upgrade your existing one, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about how much a conservatory costs in the UK in 2024.
Conservatory in the sun from the view of a british garden
Beyond the visual and practical appeal of a conservatory, does a conservatory add value to a house? In this blog, we'll look at how much value a conservatory adds and offer some considerations you might need to make.
Lean to conservatory in a british garden
When upgrading your conservatory, choosing between a complete roof replacement and a more cost-effective solution like thermal roof panels like CosyPanels®, it is important to understand the different processes and what they offer. 
Rain on conservatory roof glass
The sound of rain on a conservatory roof can spoil your moment's retreat, and it can be especially annoying if your roof is older or poorly insulated. In this blog, we look at how to minimise rain noise on a conservatory roof
Window glass foam
If you're wondering how to clean a conservatory roof, we have all the information you'll need in this blog, including how often you should clean your conservatory roof, the tools you'll need, and other considerations to be aware of.
home conservatory how to heat a conservatory
Sometimes, knowing how to heat a conservatory and keep it warm all year round isn't straight forward. In this blog, we'll show you how to create a cosy and welcoming conservatory in your home.
a white roof with a red brick building in the background.
Maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient conservatory can be a real challenge. Because of this, you might be considering a conservatory roof replacement. Learn more in this blog.