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Making a Conservatory Livable Year-Round with CosyPanels for Mr & Mrs Walter

The conservatory became comfortable to use all year round.
Energy costs went down significantly.
Problems with spiders and flies were solved.
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A homeowner living in the New Forest had a conservatory that was too cold in winter and too hot in summer to enjoy. Attempts to fix these issues, like using electric heaters or installing blinds, didn’t work. The conservatory remained an uncomfortable space that was rarely used.

The Problem

The main goal was to turn the conservatory into a cosy space suitable for any season, without having to spend a lot on heating or cooling. The homeowner also wanted to get rid of spiders and flies, which were a big nuisance in the conservatory.

The Solution

After looking into several companies, the homeowner decided on CosyPanels, a company known for making and installing conservatory roof panels. They stood out because of their friendly sales consultant who explained how their product works without pressuring them to buy. Their solution was also the most affordable.


The team installed the new roof panels quickly and cleanly, taking only a few hours. They were professional and made sure not to leave any mess or noise behind.


With the new roof panels from CosyPanels, the conservatory is now a comfortable spot no matter the season. The panels keep the space warm in winter and cool in summer, which also cut down the energy bills. Plus, the spider and fly problem is gone, making the conservatory easier to maintain.


Switching to CosyPanels roof panels changed the conservatory from a seldom-used space to a cosy, all-year-round room. This case shows the value of selecting the right company for home improvements, as we delivered not just a great product but also excellent service.

After we installed the CosyPanels conservatory roof panels, our conservatory transformed completely. It’s now a cosy, comfortable space we can enjoy all year round. The best part? Our energy bills have gone down significantly, and we no longer have issues with spiders and flies. The team was professional, quick, and clean—making the whole process hassle-free. We’re absolutely thrilled with the results!
Mr & Mrs Walter
New forest