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A New Look and Feel for a Conservatory with CosyPanels for Mr & Mrs Mercer

The conservatory is more comfortable and easier to use.
The fly problem was solved, removing the need for blinds.
The homeowner could use less heating, thanks to better insulation from the panels.
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A homeowner had been dealing with flies behind the conservatory blinds for ten years, making cleaning a big hassle. They wanted a change but were unsure how to improve the space without a massive overhaul.

The Decision

The idea of replacing the roof came up, but traditional tiles seemed too heavy and complicated. That’s when they found out about CosyPanels, which seemed just right for what they needed. An ad popped up, and soon after, a representative from CosyPanels visited, explaining the costs and process clearly. The homeowner decided to go for it.

The Change

They installed the new CosyPanels quickly and without any trouble. These panels were chosen for their good looks and practical benefits, like better temperature control without needing blinds.


The new panels have been a game-changer. They’ve stood up to all kinds of British weather – sunshine, rain, mild, and cold days. The conservatory is now more comfortable, and there’s been less need for the underfloor heating. The flies behind the blinds issue? Completely gone.


Switching to CosyPanels turned the conservatory into a space the homeowner loves. No more fly problems, less need for heating, and the conservatory feels just right, no matter the weather. This project shows how a simple update can make a big difference in enjoying your home more.

After ten years of battling with flies and blinds in our conservatory, we finally found the perfect solution with CosyPanels. The difference has been night and day. Our conservatory is now a pleasure to use in any weather, without the hassle of blinds or flies. Plus, we’ve even turned down our underfloor heating, thanks to the fantastic insulation the panels provide. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to go with All Seasons Roof’s CosyPanels. The process was smooth, and the result is exactly what we were looking for!
Mr & Mrs Mercer