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Conservatory Roof Insulation Cost

Conservatory Roof Insulation Cost

The UK’s best option for insulating your conservatory. Discover how our insulation panels can transform your conservatory.

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Transform your conservatory with CosyPanels® conservatory roof panels costing from £3,250

CosyPanels® stands is our exclusive insulation system, revolutionising conservatories across the UK since 2015.

Crafted and perfected in Germany, each panel features a dense layer of foam insulation, effectively preventing heat loss or gain through the existing conservatory roof.

With CosyPanels, you gain control over temperature, glare, noise, and more, elevating your conservatory experience.

Read on to learn more about conservatory roof insulation cost and reasons that make us an irresistible choice for transforming your conservatory.

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Conservatory roof insulation cost vs new conservatory roof

Conservatory roof panel installation incorporating your existing conservatory roof does not require building permission.

In terms of hassle and how building work may impact your daily life, a complete roof replacement takes a long time. We’re talking a week or more.

Insulation panels, depending on the system you choose can have a turnaround time of just one day.

Finally there is the question of conservatory roof insulation cost. Looking at a typical 9ft x 9ft conservatory with a simple pitched roof, the cost options are:

  1. Conservatory roof insulation panels – £3,500 to £4,800.
  2. New timber frame roof – £5,500 to £9,000.

When a homeowner has settled on finally improving their conservatory, the decision usually comes down to two options – roof insulation panels or new timber frame roof with solid tiles.

There are pros and cons to both approaches, however it is obvious that roof panel insulation has established itself as the go-to choice for the majority of conservatory owners.

The main drawbacks of new conservatory roof construction are cost, hassle and red tape.

In most cases, completely replacing your conservatory roof with timber frame will require planning permission. At least, when you intend to sell your property, the solicitor will ask for proof that any high-impact home improvements have been carried out lawfully.


We didn’t want to sit in our conservatory, it wasn’t comfortable it was dirty, and the perspex wasn’t cutting it. We couldn’t be happier with CosyPanels

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Factors affecting insulated conservatory roof cost

Our conservatory roof insulation panels are meticulously crafted especially for your conservatory ensuring a perfect fit for your existing roofing framework.

Each bespoke conservatory roof panel is constructed using an external PVC sheet paired with a substantial layer of XPS insulation.

At the survey stage, precise measurements of your framework are taken and input into our computer system. This system then intricately cuts the shapes to produce the final insulation panels.

Upon arrival at our warehouse, we conduct thorough quality checks on the panels, along with all other necessary components for your roof replacement. Once passed for quality, our installation team collects your panels on the morning of your installation and travels to your location to commence the fitting process. By the end of the day, your conservatory roof will undergo a complete transformation.

Among the main factors affecting insulated conservatory roof cost are types of conservatory roof and the current state of the conservatory.

Access. For our installation team to be able to install the insulation panels within one day as planned, they need good access from all angles. Awkward placing may affect the cost of the project

Conservatory style. Complicated roof profile will affect the price

Existing structural issues. Leaks and wonky structural parts have to be addressed before the installation.

Rooflights. Some customers are worried about losing natural light penetrating through the roof, so they make a choice to leave one or more panes uninsulated. This more complicated layout may have an effect on the project price.

How it works

Installing CosyPanels conservatory roof panels is simple, see the steps below

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Why CosyPanels ?

Efficient energy usage

Thermal panels excel in enhancing insulation, leading to reduced energy costs and ensuring year-round comfort.

Noise Reduction

In noisy surroundings, replacement roof panels provide superior soundproofing for a quieter, more peaceful space.

Cosy & comfortable retreat

In chillier or exposed environments, thermal panels like those from CosyPanels provide additional layers of insulation for enhanced warmth and comfort.

All our panels come with a high-gloss reflective internal surface, promoting active light transfer and added stability in the design.

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