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The Complete Guide to Conservatory Cleaning (2024)

With so little time, conservatory cleaning can feel like a never ending chore. Here are some tips to make your life easier and your conservatory a nicer place to be

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Keeping your conservatory clean can be an ongoing challenge, but cleaning your conservatory regularly is something that is important for several reasons. A clean conservatory not only looks better but also extends its lifespan. 

Dirt, mould, or even algae can accumulate over time, and this can lead to damage and discolouration. Regular cleaning helps stop these issues, keeping any damage at bay and ensuring a fresh look to your conservatory. 

It is also known that a clean conservatory is a healthier environment, free from allergens and mould that can affect your health. 

Daily and weekly cleaning tasks 

Keeping your conservatory clean doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By building in some simple daily and weekly tasks, you can maintain a fresh, well-kept space with minimal effort. Here are some practical tips to help you stay on top of conservatory cleaning: 

Daily cleaning tips 

  1. Dust surfaces: Use a microfibre cloth to quickly dust surfaces like shelves, windowsills, and furniture. Microfibre cloths are great for trapping dust and preventing it from spreading. 
  2. Deal with spillages quickly: Wipe up any spills on floors or surfaces as soon as they occur to prevent stains and damage. Use a mild detergent and water for tougher spots. 
  3. Ventilate: Open windows and doors daily to allow fresh air to circulate. Proper ventilation helps reduce humidity and prevents mould growth
  4. Shake out mats and rugs: Give doormats and area rugs a good shake to remove dirt and dust. This simple step can help keep your floors cleaner for longer. 

Weekly cleaning tips 

  1. Vacuum floors: Whether you have carpet, tile, or wooden floors, a weekly vacuuming session will remove dirt, dust, and pet hair. Use a vacuum with a brush attachment for the best results
  2. Clean windows: Use a glass cleaner or a mixture of water and vinegar to clean windows inside and out. A squeegee can help you achieve a streak-free finish. Here’s a tutorial on cleaning conservatory windows for more tips
  3. Wipe down frames: Clean window and door frames with a mild detergent and water. Use a soft brush or cloth to get into the corners and crevices. 
  4. Check for mould: Inspect the conservatory for any signs of mould or mildew. If you spot any, clean it promptly using a mixture of water and white vinegar or a commercial mould remover. 
  5. Polish furniture: Dust and polish any wooden or metal furniture. Use appropriate cleaning products for the material to maintain its finish and durability. 
  6. Sweep or mop the floors: For hard floors, sweep and mop to remove any accumulated dirt. For wooden floors, use a wood-specific cleaner to avoid damage. 
  7. Clean light fixtures: Dust and wipe down light fixtures to keep their brightness. Use a ladder safely to reach high fixtures. 

Bonus tips for maintaining a clean conservatory 

  1. Use door mats: Placing door mats both inside and outside of the conservatory entrance can help to restrict the amount of dirt brought inside. Remember to clean these mats regularly.
  2. Declutter: Keep your conservatory tidy by regularly checking and removing unnecessary items. A clutter-free space is easier to clean and maintain.
  3. Protect furniture: Use covers or throws on your furniture to protect it from dirt and wear. These can be easily removed and washed as needed. 
  4. Invest in quality cleaning tools: Good-quality cleaning tools, such as a telescopic brush for the roof and extendable dusters, make the job easier and more effective.
  5. Create a cleaning schedule: Establish a routine for your daily and weekly cleaning tasks. This ensures that nothing is missed and helps you keep on top of maintenance. 

By adding some of these daily and weekly cleaning tips into your routine, you will be able to keep your conservatory looking its best with minimal effort. Regular maintenance of your conservatory not only keeps it looking good but also extends the lifespan of your conservatory.  

Conservatory cleaning checklist 


▢ Dust surfaces

▢ Clean spillages immediately

▢ Ensure good ventilation


▢ Vacuum floors

▢ Clean windows and frames

▢ Check for any signs of mould or mildew


Conservatory cleaning kit 

Having the right tools and products really helps with carrying out effective cleaning. Here are some items you might need: 

  • Microfibre cloths for dusting and cleaning surfaces. They are gentle and effective at picking up dust without scratching surfaces. 
  • Telescopic brush for cleaning conservatory roofs, cleaning tools with extension poles, and brush can be perfect for reaching and cleaning those high areas. 
  • Conservatory roof cleaning fluid for polycarbonate and glass roofs to get the best finish.  
  • Soft-bristle brushes for more delicate surfaces. 
  • A vacuum cleaner with various attachments to handle different surfaces and hard to get to places. 
  • Window cleaning tools, including a squeegee and a good quality glass cleaner. 


Cleaning your conservatory 


Cleaning the glass in your conservatory is the first step for getting clear views and letting in maximum light. Use a glass cleaner or a mixture of water and vinegar. Apply with a microfibre cloth and use a squeegee to remove any excess. For high windows, a telescopic window cleaner can be very helpful.  


Frames can gather dirt and dust. Use a mild detergent mixed with water and a soft brush or cloth to clean the frames. Take some time to check and clean the corners and crevices where dirt can hide and build up. For PVC frames, you can get a specialised cleaner that works well. 

Roofs and gutters 

Cleaning the roof and gutters is important to prevent blockages and leaks. Use a telescopic brush to reach the roof and a special conservatory roof cleaning fluid. For gutters, clear away any leaves or dirt regularly to make sure they are draining properly. If you are considering a new roof – installing CosyPanels® roof panels can make cleaning easier due to their smooth, non-porous surface that prevents dirt building up. For a more detailed guide, check out these tips on cleaning conservatory roofs. 


The type of flooring you choose for your conservatory will determine the best cleaning method. For tiled floors, use a mop and a mild detergent. Wooden floors may need special wood cleaner and a soft mop. Regular vacuuming helps keep all types of flooring in good condition. For deep cleaning carpets, you can rent a carpet cleaner or use products like the Vax Carpet Cleaner. 

Roof blinds 

Roof blinds easily collect dust and need regular cleaning. You can remove them using the technique shown in the manufacturer’s instructions, and clean with a vacuum or a soft brush. Some fabric blinds can be gently washed, but always check the care label first. Here’s a helpful guide on cleaning conservatory blinds


Mould can be a common issue in conservatories due to the humidity. To clean mould, use a mixture of water and white vinegar or a commercial mould remover. Apply to the affected areas and scrub with a brush. Ensure the area is well-ventilated during and after cleaning. Keep an eye on the areas and consult a professional if the issue is recurring or damp is present. 


Spring cleaning and maintenance 

Spring is a great time for a thorough cleaning. Wash all windows and frames, clean the roof and gutters, and check for any winter damage. Replace any worn-out items and start planning for summer use. Here’s a spring cleaning checklist to get you started: 

Conservatory spring cleaning checklist 

Declutter and organise 

  • Remove unnecessary items and organise storage areas. 
  • Sort through any items that can be donated or thrown away

Dust and polish 

  • Dust all surfaces, including shelves, tables, and hanging items.
  • Polish wooden and metal furniture

Vacuum and mop floors 

  • Vacuum carpets and rugs. 
  • Sweep and mop hard floors with appropriate cleaners. 

Wash windows 

  • Clean windows inside and out using a glass cleaner or water and vinegar solution. 
  • Use a squeegee for a streak-free finish. 

Clean window and door frames 

  • Wipe down frames with a mild detergent and water. 
  • Clean tracks and hinges. 

Inspect and Clean Seals 

  • Check window and door seals for damage and clean them to make sure you have proper insulation. 

Polish Glass 

  • Polish all glass surfaces, including windows, doors, and any glass furniture. 

Inspect and clean the roof 

  • Check the roof for any signs of damage or leaks. 
  • Use a telescopic brush to clean the roof panels.
  • For CosyPanels, follow specific cleaning guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

 Clear gutters 

  • Remove leaves and debris from gutters to prevent blockages. 
  • Flush with water to ensure they are draining properly. 

Interior cleaning 

  • Dust and wipe down all light fixtures and ceiling fans.
  • Clean walls and skirting boards with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt
  • Dust and clean conservatory blinds.
  • Wash or dry clean curtains as needed. 

Vacuum furniture 

  • Vacuum sofas, chairs, and other upholstered items to remove dust and dirt. 

Wash cushions and throws 

  • Clean or wash any removable cushion covers and throws. 

Polish metal and wood furniture 

  • Use appropriate cleaning products for metal and wood to maintain their finish. 

Dust plant leaves 

  • Wipe down plant leaves to remove dust and allow for better sunlight absorption. 

Repot and prune plants 

  • Repot any plants that have outgrown their containers. 
  • Prune dead or overgrown branches

Freshen up with a scent 

  • Use air fresheners or essential oil diffusers to add a pleasant scent to the space

Final inspection 

  • Do a final walk-through to ensure all tasks are completed. 


Seasonal cleaning and maintenance 

Getting ready for summer 

In summer, focus on ventilation and keeping the space cool. Clean all surfaces to remove any pollen or dust that has accumulated. 

This is also a good time to check that your conservatory blinds and ventilation systems are working correctly. For more summer tips, check out our summer entertaining blog

Cleaning throughout autumn 

Autumn brings leaves, broken branches and dirt, which can block gutters and drains. It is important to regularly clear leaves and clean the roof to prevent any build-up. 

Check the conservatory for any signs of damage and deal with them quickly to stop further issues occurring. For gutter cleaning tools, consider a product like the Karcher Gutter Cleaning Kit. 

Staying warm in winter 

Winter cleaning involves ensuring the conservatory is weatherproof. Clean all windows and frames, and check for draughts. 

Insulating the roof with CosyPanels® can help retain heat, making your conservatory more comfortable during the colder months. For tips on winter maintenance, visit our insulation guide


When to consider professional cleaning services 

While regular cleaning can be done by homeowners, there are times when professional services might be needed. If you notice stubborn stains, significant mould growth, or if your conservatory is too high to clean safely, hiring professionals can ensure a thorough job. 

Professional conservatory cleaners have the right tools and expertise to handle tough cleaning tasks, helping your conservatory remain in top condition. To find a reputable service, check out UKWindowClean.  


Get the best from your conservatory 

Maintaining a clean conservatory will help maintain its performance and look so that you can enjoy it all year round. 

Regular cleaning, combined with seasonal maintenance, will keep your conservatory looking beautiful and functioning well throughout the year.  

By following this guide, you can ensure that your conservatory remains a bright, clean, and inviting space for you to enjoy whenever you fancy. 

With the right tools and a regular cleaning schedule, you’ll find that keeping your conservatory in great shape is both manageable and rewarding. 

Stay on top of your conservatory care and maintenance. Visit our blog for more tips and tricks. For any specific questions or additional help with your conservatory, don’t hesitate to contact us