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How to Create the Perfect Conservatory Reading Nook 

Creating a conservatory reading nook is a wonderful way to enjoy your space and make it uniquely yours. Here's how to do it!

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Have you ever dreamed of hiding away in your conservatory, shutting out the world and relaxing with a good book? If so, it may be time to explore creating a reading nook. Adding a reading nook in your conservatory is a fantastic way to transform this usable space into a special retreat. Whether you’re an avid reader or just enjoy a quiet spot to relax, a well-designed conservatory reading nook can offer comfort and a peaceful hideout all year round.  

We take a look at the important elements to consider when creating such a space and look at how you go about selecting the right furniture, choosing the best lighting, and adding those personal touches to make your reading nook truly cosy.  

Let’s get started on how you begin crafting your perfect conservatory reading nook! 


Choosing the right location in your conservatory 

Light, privacy & space needs 

The first step in creating your reading nook is to choose the perfect spot within your conservatory. Consider these things: 

  • Natural light: Position your nook where you can enjoy the natural light without direct sun glare. This helps to create a warm and inviting atmosphere while protecting your eyes and books from the harsh sunlight.
  • Privacy: Select a corner or area that offers a sense of seclusion. This will make your nook feel more intimate and feel cosy – it will also be shielded from distractions allowing you to unwind in piece.
  • Space: Make sure there’s enough space to accommodate comfortable seating, a small table, and storage for your books. Even in small conservatories, smart layout choices can create a cosy nook. 


 Conservatory reading nook furniture ideas 


The chair is the centrepiece of your reading nook. It should be both comfortable and look good. There are many ways you can accessories to match with the aesthetics of the room and there are various modular pieces to suit any space. The furniture you select is very important in creating the perfect space.

Here are some ideas: 

  • Armchairs: A plush armchair provides comfort and support for long reading sessions. Consider options like the IKEA Strandmon Wing Chair for a classic look.
  • Recliners: A reclining chair offers flexibility for lounging and sitting upright. The Sorrento Manual Recliner Chair is a popular choice, offering comfort and style.
  • Accent Chairs: For smaller spaces, an accent chair like the Dunelm Wooden Arm Accent Chair can add a stylish touch without taking up too much room, and the Range’s Rattan Egg Chair offers an enclosed space if there are corners to build a nook in.  



Having a small table or desk can be very handy for holding your books, a cup of tea, or any other items you need. Here are some of the options you could include: 

  • Side tables: Compact and functional, a side table like the John Lewis & Partners Grayson Side Table fits perfectly in tight spaces. Select colours that match the aesthetics of the conservatory. 
  • Coffee tables: If space allows, a small coffee table can also add extra surface area for your reading nook essentials. For space saving look at designs that offer adaptions to the size or fit nicely into a set space.  The Bohdi Oak Round Rotating Coffee Table offers lots of storage under the tabletop to help keep a fresh look.



Keeping your books organised and within reach of the nook is key: 

  • Bookcases: A tall bookcase can store a large collection of books. The Billy Bookcase from IKEA is a classic and adaptable choice. Select a colour to match the decor for a more seamless finished or create a surround to give a polished look.
  • Storage Benches: Multi-functional furniture like storage benches can provide seating and storage. Check out storage benches like the Bampton Blanket Box – from Laura James for a smart storage solution. 



Shelves can make excellent use of vertical space and can be decorated with plants and lights to add some beauty to the room. If you’re looking at shelving options, here are some popular choices: 


Wall-Mounted Shelves

Wall-mounted shelves are perfect for small spaces like conservatories, where floor room is limited. They offer several benefits:

  • Space efficiency: Utilising vertical wall space, they free up the floor, making the room feel more open. 
  • Versatility: Suitable for holding books, decor, plants, and small electronics, keeping items accessible and organised. 
  • Customisation: Available in various sizes, shapes, and materials to fit your specific design and functional needs. 
  • Easy installation: Straightforward to install, securely anchoring to walls for stability and safety. 


Floating Shelves 

Floating shelves provide a minimalist and modern look, making them popular in various room styles. Key features include: 

  • Clean, minimalist look: They create an uncluttered appearance, appearing to float without visible supports.
  • Adaptable design: Blend seamlessly with different interior styles, adding to the room decor. 
  • Functional storage: Offer lots of space for books, artwork, photo frames, and decor. 
  • Simple installation: Easy to install at any height, allowing for customised arrangements. 
  • Durable and strong: Despite their delicate look, they can hold significant weight with robust internal supports. 

Both types of shelves are practical and stylish, helping to organise and personalise your space. 


Conservatory lighting ideas for your reading nook 

Natural Lighting 

As conservatories tend to let in a lot of sunlight, make sure you maximise natural light during the day: 

  • Sheer curtains: Sheer curtains allow light to filter through while reducing glare. A voile curtain panel is a great option for allowing light still to pass through but keeping a level of privacy
  • Blinds: Adjustable blinds can also offer some control over the amount of light entering your nook and give an enclosed feeling. 

Reading Lights 

Good lighting is crucial for evening reading; it creates atmosphere and provides a warm glow in the room: 

  • Floor lamps are great for adding light and style to any room without taking up much space. They offer both soft lighting and focused light for different tasks, with adjustable designs to suit your needs. Easy to move and set up, they fit perfectly in small corners or behind furniture. Plus, many modern floor lamps use energy-efficient bulbs, making them an eco-friendly option.
  • Table Lamps: Compact and stylish, a table lamp like the Habitat Desk Lamp can provide direct light without taking up too much space. Dotting serval table lights around the room can add depth and warmth. 

Conservatory lighting 

Improve the overall ambience with soft lighting: 

  • String lights: String lights create a cosy and magical atmosphere. Adding little fairy string lights around the bookshelves or pictures adds a lovely decoration
  • LED candles: Safe and atmospheric; LED candles add a warm glow without the risk of fire. 


Adding the little details 

Cushions, Throws, Rugs, Plants and other soft furnishings 

Dressing your reading nook with comfortable extras really helps put the finishing touches and bring your reading nook to life: 

  • Cushions and throws:  Add comfort and style with cosy cushions and throws. They provide a soft, inviting spot to settle in with a book. Check out the John Lewis & Partners Cushion Collection for inspiration.
  • Rugs: Rugs add comfort and warmth to a reading nook, providing a soft surface underfoot and making the space more inviting. They also help to absorb noise, creating a quieter, calmer environment ideal for reading. Additionally, rugs enhance the aesthetic appeal and help define the space, making it feel distinct and cosy. The IKEA LOHALS rug is durable and eco-friendly.
  • Plants: Plants enhance a reading nook by adding a touch of nature, making the space feel more relaxing and inviting. They also improve air quality, creating a healthier environment. Additionally, plants add aesthetic appeal with their greenery and can create a calming atmosphere perfect for reading.
  • Decor: Personalise your nook with artwork, framed photos, and decorative items. Visit Etsy for unique and handmade pieces like those below.  


Enjoy your new reading retreat all year round 

Once your conservatory reading nook is complete, you’ll have a cosy, inviting space to enjoy throughout the year. Here are some tips to make the most of your nook: 

  • Summer: Use light, breathable fabrics and ensure good ventilation to keep cool.
  • Winter: Add extra throws and consider a small electric heater for warmth.  
  • Spring & Autumn: Take advantage of the changing seasons by refreshing your decor with seasonal touches like fresh flowers in spring or cosy autumnal colours. 

Creating a conservatory reading nook is a wonderful way to enjoy your space and make it uniquely yours. With these tips and ideas, you’re well on your way to crafting a cosy and inviting retreat perfect for relaxing with your favourite book. For more ideas on transforming your conservatory, bookmark the Cosy Panels blog for the latest tips and inspiration.